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Tribute to Guy Barzvi
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Gifts of Kindness

I have joined the project to make a quilt of 3,000 blocks, each one commemorating a victim of the disaster on 9/11. I chose this fine young man because he shares the name of my own son. Reading the tributes I find he is the same age as my daughter, and that brings him even closer. I will do the very best work I can to honour his memory. See the project on   
      Heather Hewson (York, England) March 20, 2002

The details of the squares on my block are as follows, firstly are pictures of some of the inventions of the last century, gramophone, telephone, cine projector, Concorde (London-New York!) & man walking on the moon. Secondly a square with time pieces, clocks and watches for the time Guy spent here, next are musical notes, guitars and other instruments for his love of music and lastly rulers, pencils and protractors for his work with Cantor Fitzgerald.
There is a central square with stars and stripes for his country,strings of brightly coloured balloons for the birthday party he planned.
The lettering is in glittering material for his youth and vibrancy.
I hope that you think this all suitable.  I pray for you and think of you
often, how sad that we should meet in this way, but I want you to know that having worked on the quilt has made me feel close to you and your family. With my thoughts and prayers,
H e a t h e r  Hewson


By clicking on the Quilt, you can go to the United in Memory site.  Great job Heather! We appreciate it very much, Thank you!

Ava recieved a Beautiful Portrait of her and Guy from Nancy Gawron. She proudly displays it in her living room.
To see a transcript of a CBS News segment Ms Gawron was on, please click on the link below.

CBS News Online Middletown: Portraits Of Loss

Guy and Ava
Art by Nancy Gawron

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