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Tribute to Guy Barzvi
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If you would like to participate in any events below in honor of Guy, please email Ava.
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Hello everyone, Can you please post this?

I am attending this event as well as volunteering to help organize it, coordinate with the press and sending out press releases, etc. If you could,  I would really appreciate the help in getting the word out.

We may also need volunteers to assemble more lights and take the 20 seconds to stick the suction cups on the windows. Pictures of all our family members have been downloaded from the internet to be attached. 

If anyone has any contact with anyone in the buildings facing Battery Park, please let me know.

Also for any photographers, it would make a beautiful picture with all the twinkling lights out to the water and the Tribute in Lights.

Thank you,

Ava Barzvi Cousin of Guy Barzvi and webmaster of


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The text below is taken from the site:

Starry Night

     Starry Night is a light tribute created in remembrance of each life that was lost at Ground Zero on September 11th 2001. From the windows of the buildings facing Battery Park and the vicinity of the Eternal Flame 2,819 battery powered strobe lights will randomly twinkle, creating a galaxy of shimmering light. Each strobe light will represent a person that perished in New York City on September 11. The lights will become visible at dusk and, as night falls, the tip of Manhattan will be transformed into a celestial sanctuary for reflecting upon what was lost and to affirm the unity and community of an enduring people.

     Starry Night is a luminescent eulogy for those whose loss has, in various ways, touched all of our lives and it is a radiant expression of our innate love of life itself.

     The conception of Starry Night was inspired by a letter from Vincent Van Gogh to his brother in which he alludes to the human spirit ascending to a star upon death. Van Gogh also painted a nightscape by the same title.

     Starry Night will be created by the efforts and generosity of the tenants, property management community, and building owners of Downtown Lower Manhattan and by the heartfelt kindness of numerous people throughout the United States. The project was conceived of by artist/poet James Pelletier and The Night/Light Fund is producing the light event.

     Starry Night is an all-volunteer undertaking that expresses the caring nature of the American people.

     Most of the materials for the light assemblies have been acquired. Fifty percent of the mirrors have been donated by K-10 Enterprises of Mission, Texas. Empire Industries, Inc. of Manchester, Connecticut has donated 3,000 copper clamps. The strobe lights, which are powered by alkaline batteries, will be suspended in the windows by suction cups. Suction Cups, Inc. of New Hyde Park, New York has contributed 6,000 suction cups and Energizer of St. Louis, Missouri has supplied 3,000 batteries. Do-It Corporation of South Haven, Michigan donated 3,000 plastic hanging tabs. Moore Push-Pin Company of Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania provided the metal hooks at cost. Johnson & Sons of Racine, Wisconsin has donated 3,000 Ziplock bags for storing the light assembly parts. 3M's Tape and Adhesives Division provided the tape for adhering photographs of the victims onto the mirrors. The photographs of the Ground Zero victims have been downloaded from the Internet by Jing Yu Deng, an Intern at the Pace University School of Computer Science & Information and Staples provided the supplies for his strenuous task. Staples, in Manhattan, will also contribute the boxes and necessary supplies for transporting the lights.

     The lights will be assembled at the High School of Economics and Finance in September. The high school is now known as "The Ground Zero High School."

     In addition, to help defray the cost of producing Starry Night Jim Pelletier has donated his collection of Andy Warhol memorabilia to the project. Between 1981 and 1983 Pelletier made his living distributing Interview magazine in the SoHo, Greenwich Village and Chelsea areas of Manhattan. During that time Warhol autographed several items for the artist/poet including: issues of Interview magazine, an actual Campbell's soup can, books, and a personally inscribed copy of Warhol's autobiography in which Warhol did a drawing of a Campbell's "Tomato Soup" can. The items will be auctioned by The Cobbs Auctioneers, LLC in Peterborough, NH. Please call 603-924-6361 for further information or visit,

   AvaHosting  are helping with the website as well as Precision Arts Advertising Inc., of Ashburnham, Massachusetts, created and maintains the Starry Night website in memory of the victims of 9-11.