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Tribute to Guy Barzvi


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If you would like to participate in the NY memorials on 9/11/02 or any other events below in honor of Guy, please email Ava.
Guy's parents and sister would like privacy on 9/11.
Ava will be organizing for Guy's friends and coworkers to be together on that day. If you would like to attend or help organize, please email Ava and keep checking this page for updates. Click on the link on the top of the page to be emailed when the page is updated.

Sponsor a flag in Guys name for Sail for America on Sept 14th 2002 in New York Harbor
There are three primary goals set forth by Sail for America.  First, it will be a memorial.  Second, it will be a symbolic rebirth for the City of New York.  Third, it will be a tribute to the soaring spirit of America - out of great tragedy and destruction, we Americans create a symbol
of hope and beauty.During Sail for America, the ships will fly in New York Harbor a personalized Memorial Flag for every person who was lost on 9/11