Tribute to Guy Barzvi
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Guy Barzvi

This site is dedicated to my cousin Guy who was working very hard on 9/11/01 for Cantor Fitzgerald/Espeed in the World Trade Center, NYC.
If Guy was here today, We would probably be working on a family site together. We had already discussed the site on, but Guy didn't have a chance to participate in it because he was always too busy at work.
Guy and I always talked about computers and many other topics together, as we both had similar interests, careers and values.
Guy was very special, and 5 years later everyone misses him and thinks of him even more than we did before.
I hope you will join me and the rest of his family and friends in this tribute.
Participate in any way you can, post messages, share your memories of Guy, send me pictures to put on here, Let us know who you are and how you knew him.
Sincerely, Ava Barzvi

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Please get in touch with any comments or questions about the site. Also Note, that this is a private tribute site for Guy's Family, Friends, and co-workers. No statements to the press with be found here, no requests for interviews will be considered, and any information from this site is not to be placed any where else! Any violation of this will be grounds for a lawsuit! Thank You!

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