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Tribute to Guy Barzvi
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Family Photo Album

On this page I'll add pictures of Guy from his friends and family.

5 pictures will load, keep looking!

Guy at work in Cubicle
Photo taken by a coworker in '2000 ?

This was taken by a coworker in Guys Cubicle before he got promoted and moved into his own office.
He was working hard as usual, solving a problem.

Guy at his Prom
He never looked a day older!

Other Relatives

Here might be included stories from people in the family, maybe a picture of all of us together at a special event.

Guy with Camp Friends

From left to right.......Adam Satin ( counselor ) Eric Schmell ( counselor ) Darren Lew, Scott Eber, David Fertig, Jon Fox, Eric Sherman ( counselor ) Jeff Klein. In the front row next to Guy is Danny Geller who also went to Camp Monroe with your cousins. When I went to Camp Brookwood with several kids from Camp Monroe, Guy became part of our "click" right away. They were all from Queens and knew the Barzvi family from the other camp. Guy fit in with these kids the first day like he knew them his whole life. You can get a little feel for the closeness their little group had by the picture. Guy, Danny, Josh & Michael ( also dec. ) shared a room in camp. Josh and Michael aren't in this picture because their team lost the game and like all good campers, pouted and refused to have their picture taken. The picture was taken after a soccer game. The older person in the background waving his hat is the owner of the camp who is always sneaking into pictures.
- Bob Mattera (Counselor)


The other person in that photo is named Alex Reiner.  He was in the group older than Guy's group.   As you can see they jumped in front of my car and I shot that picture through the windshield  as I was sitting in the drivers seat.  I haven't had any contact with Alex since that summer.